The Company

The Company

The space management of our headquarter in Beinasco (TO) has represented the central point of our structure. The 500 square meters workshop is totally equipped to face all the dynamics of the productive process. The carpenter’s workshop is able to realize the cutting, the folding and the welding of the equipments’ skeletons. The assembly workshop, with its highly qualified technical staff, is the place where every single plant is assembled, on client’s specific requests. Once completed, the plant is tested by skilled technicians.

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The Technical and Engineering Office has undoubtedly played a fundamental role for our company. These core divisions follow the realization of every single device step-by-step, keeping the client updated on the evolution of the work. Plants are completely designed by the Computer-Aided Design software, through the more advanced spreadsheet programs. We regularly carry out technical updates.


G.N.G.’s main activities:

  • designing and constructing hydraulic power plants, according to the specifications solicited by the client
  • building tanks designed to the client’s specifications
  • assembling pneumatic, hydraulic and lubrication panels
  • wiring electrical equipment
  • the implementation of on-board machine systems, automation systems, and functional testing


Very relevant to the company is the Business division, enlarged and strengthened in the last decades. It covers a 400 square meters surface, including warehouse and offices.

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Thanks to the skill and the experience gained by its staff, G.N.G. is able to provide a great variety of materials and components (electrical, electronic, hydraulic and fluidic) for the automation processes. (For all these reasons) We preserve a direct contact with the producer, ensuring very high level standards in terms of quality and reliability. G.N.G. is the supplier of the major Italian manufacturers of the Automotive sector. In order to achieve the best outcomes, both in terms of quality and costs, G.N.G. has always offered to its clients not only a product but a complete service in the field of the Industrial Automation. Our Mission has always been based on the awareness that our success is strictly related to our client’s satisfaction. To this end, we have always provided all the expertise, the synergy and the flexibility, essential to achieve the final goal.