GNG offers to its customers a complete and consistent across the range, Assisting the client in every phase of the exercise of its hydraulic systems.






Hydraulic power units, electric boards, valves, hydraulic plants, are entirely CAD-designed. The advanced computation software employed are able to control the dynamic conditions of the equipments, the instantaneous flow rates, the response time of the proportional and flow control valves.

The plants designed by GNG provide high guarantees of functionality in terms of efficiency, security, conformity to the current regulations. They are also free from secondary occurrences due to vibrations, depressions, water hammer.

Together with drafts we deliver the bill of materials. It is possible to operate in co-design, in order to automatically associate the bill of materials to the identification codes and customer codes.

Construction and outfitting

Through the most advanced technologies, GNG realizes the highest quality products.

CONSTRUCTION_1GNG’s workshop ensures a careful manufacturing and solid enduring implementations. The assembly is performed in a workmanlike manner, in accordance with well-defined and rigorously controlled procedures.


GNG employs the “O-Lok” technology for the implementation of permanent joints, lifetime warranty, without seepage or leakage.


Even the traditional fitting technologies DIN 2353 (Ermeto) and “Triple Lok” (37°) are performed by tailored pre-assembly machines.


All the products delivered are tested in pressure, providing the maximum guarantee of tightness and resistance to any stress.

Installation and Startup


GNG is also responsible for the implementation and the start-up of the equipments directly at the end user.

We have a highly specialized technical staff for the execution of the board machines, both for the hydraulic and the electrical equipments.

Thanks to our solid experience, we follow the start-up, the pressurization, the air bleeding procedure, the activation cycle, the control and tuning of every type of equipment.

Customer support

GNG follows its installations through a relevant after-sales service: every serial number is introduced in an electronic bill book calculating automatically the interventions, according to the effective exercise, as a function of the actual exploitation. The same electronic program allows the registration of the work carried out and therefore the reports for category, year of production, client.

This meticulous organization allowed us to gradually improve our product in terms of quality and reliability, providing a  cheap and efficient service.

With the same competence we carry out the ordinary maintenance and the following operations: (filters replacement, oil depleted change, tanks thorough cleaning, pressure regulators test and calibration). But also the extraordinary maintenance (membranes and bladders accumulators replacement, pre-charge pressure test, plant failure analysis, spare-parts)

Plants maintenance


GNG is at Your Service when your old plants need significant adjustments in terms of performance, technological updates and adaptation to the current security regulation.

GNG is at Your Service to find the most innovative solutions and ensure the best price/performance ratio.

Our inspections stand out for the quality and the efficiency of our outcomes, the restore of the original features, the abatement of the energy consumption, the extraordinary reduction of the failure rate and the machine downtime.

Machine tools testing and start up

  • In performing our activity, we keep the highest attention to: the acceptance of the hydraulic plants or equipments; the functional test and the compliance with the specifications; the responsibility for the approval of the plant according to the current security regulations.
  • GNG supports its client in the crucial phases of the test of the equipment, ensuring all the expertise gained from twenty years of activity.
  • Once defined the potential issues, we arrange with our client a test check-list and a static and functional check on the machine. Then, we carry out the execution of the machine, even through machine failure simulations.
  • GNG’s testing certification guarantees the maximum functionality and safety of the machines.

Distribution of electrical material, fluidic, pneumatic and oleodynamic

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