Fire Fighting Devices

Fire Fighting Devices

Losses of pressurized hydraulic oil are the most probable causes for the development of a fire in a plant.

The following cause/effect sequence describes a possible fire situation:

  • Vibration and thermal dilatation cause breakage and cracks with the consequent oil jet high pressured
  • If this nebulized spray comes in contact with an electric spark, of a switch cabinet for example, the consequence is a fire hard to extinguish
  • Sprinklers systems activate only when flames have already developed.

Conversely, INTEGRAL LEVEL is able to recognize and stop the oil leaks by blocking the pumps BEFORE A POSSIBLE FIRE COULD GROW.

INTEGRAL LEVEL is a continuous level & temperature control device intended to detect liquid leaks from oil tanks, featuring a full set of alarm signals for a complete fluid manage­ment system.

Characterized by serial communication via IO-link interface, Integral Level assures either data and variable transfer to PLC, but also full plant protection alarm set-up, parametri­zation and free user configuration by an external PC.
Main applications:

  • Fire and oil waste prevention, by stopping oil pumps to block every possible liquid loss coming from any type of leakage.
  • Machine oil consumption surveillance, by setting the limit drop rate vs time.
  • Drop off of excessive lubricant on oil tank level restore, by using the max alarm as refill gun stop command.
  • Avoid pump cavitation and air inlet into piping, by stopping pump on minimum level overcome
  • Cooler control and tank oil temperature regulation, by using thermostat and hysteresis switch functions.

The system consists of a plunge level probe coupled to an electronic control unit for data acquisition and processing. Single 4 way M12 connector allows for remote device connection, supply and data transfer.

Visiting the Download Area you can find a catalog of our Integral Level in PDF format…

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