Front Left Right CV Axles for V6 90 2.8L Audi Transm 返品送料無料 Automatic 140円 Front Left Right CV Axles for Audi 90 2.8L V6 Automatic Transm Automotive Replacement Parts 140円 Front Left Right CV Axles for Audi 90 2.8L V6 Automatic Transm Automotive Replacement Parts Front Left Right CV Axles for V6 90 2.8L Audi Transm 返品送料無料 Automatic Axles,Right,Front,Left,,Transm,Audi,CV,/ergot1415009.html,for,90,2.8L,Automatic,Automotive , Replacement Parts,140円,V6 Axles,Right,Front,Left,,Transm,Audi,CV,/ergot1415009.html,for,90,2.8L,Automatic,Automotive , Replacement Parts,140円,V6

Front Left Right CV Axles for V6 90 2.8L Audi 営業 Transm 返品送料無料 Automatic

Front Left Right CV Axles for Audi 90 2.8L V6 Automatic Transm


Front Left Right CV Axles for Audi 90 2.8L V6 Automatic Transm

Product description

This item is a brand new High Quality OE Replacement CV Axle Shaft.  It will fit the following makes and models:

See Fitment Chart
1993-1995 Audi Front Wheel Drive 90 V6 2.8L ( Will Not Fit Any Quattro )
1994-1998 Audi Cabriolet V6 2.8L Base Convertible 2-Door
Kit Includes: 2pc
1x Part# AD8019 100% Complete New Drivers Side Front CV Drive Axle Assembly
1x Part# AD8018 100% Complete New Passengers Side Front CV Drive Axle Assembly

Front Left Right CV Axles for Audi 90 2.8L V6 Automatic Transm

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