WMF Motion Replacement 大放出セール Glass Lid Without 0.8 Litre Carafe 16円 WMF Motion Replacement Glass Without Lid 0.8 Litre Glass Carafe Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 16円 WMF Motion Replacement Glass Without Lid 0.8 Litre Glass Carafe Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining WMF Motion Replacement 大放出セール Glass Lid Without 0.8 Litre Carafe 0.8 Litre,Glass,Carafe,Glass,/adjudicator925508.html,16円,Lid,Replacement,Without,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,WMF,Motion,gng.it 0.8 Litre,Glass,Carafe,Glass,/adjudicator925508.html,16円,Lid,Replacement,Without,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,WMF,Motion,gng.it

WMF Motion AL完売しました。 Replacement 大放出セール Glass Lid Without 0.8 Litre Carafe

WMF Motion Replacement Glass Without Lid 0.8 Litre Glass Carafe


WMF Motion Replacement Glass Without Lid 0.8 Litre Glass Carafe

Product description

Size:33.5 x 14 x 13.5 cm

Whether at home or on the go – the water carafe in the Colourworks range motion make the angled design allows a person to drink without having as simple and practical as necessary and at the same time also as attractive as possible. So comfortable meets most beautiful your drinking pleasure. Easy to handle and ergonomic design in a modern, elegant design are the water carafe the perfect eye-catcher – every day, for every occasion and on any table. The high-quality material mix made of heat-resistant WMF glass, silicone and Cromargan® makes the carafe to completely stylish water dispenser.

From the manufacturer

WMF Motion Replacement Glass Without Lid 0.8 Litre Glass Carafe

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