Welcome to the website of G.N.G. Srl

Welcome to the website of G.N.G. Srl

GNG SRL | Industrial Automation since 1979…

Founded in 1979 as a workshop specialized in fluid dynamic and hydraulic equipment, thanks to its great fund of experience and skills, GNG has soon become a leading company in the Italian Automotive sector.

Since its foundation, G.N.G. has experienced a continuous and consistent development. Today, the company operates in a production surface larger than 1000 square meters in Beinasco (Turin). Our headquarter in Beinasco incorporates the whole range of services: Production, Business, Management, Technical Office, Warehouse.

Ever attentive to the market evolutions, G.N.G. analyses, designs and realizes Plates and Blocks of any shape and size, able to facilitate the assembly of the hydraulic components and to reduce the number of the connections and related processing costs.

Our core business is the design and the manufacture of hydraulic power plants and pneumatic panels air/air and air/water, of any shape and size, depending on client specific needs. Strictly related is the engineering of principal and peripheral electric boards, for industrial purpose.

Our leading product is Integral Level, a continuous level & temperature control device intended to detect liquid leaks from oil tanks, according to the firefighting regulations and the environmental law that enforce the control and the interruption of any possible liquid leaks.

Fundamental to our company is the Business Division that plays a primary role in supporting our clients to optimize purchasing and supplies.

Over the years, G.N.G. has become a landmark for the Automotive sector, ensuring very high standards both in the realization of the equipment both in supplying a prompt and accurate resale of electric, electronic and fluidic components for the industrial automation.

GNG SRL… your partner for the Automation!